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I write this with a lot of trepidation, because I am unsure of the result…

Hi Tumblr.

This is my best friend and life partner, Kris, who was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, a disease in which, the immune system attacks the body’s healthy cells and tissue; harming organs and organ systems like the heart, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys.

The symptoms appeared two months ago, and those two months have been difficult and frightening, as we had to navigate our daily lives without the knowledge or safety of social support. 

Saddled with the debt and continuing cost of living < span>expenses, education loans, and the life-saving medication without insurance, we’re stuck in a living situation that may have contributed to the development of this disease.

We’ve been trying to get out of this basement apartment before this illness appeared, and now driven by desperation, knowing my hard work and humble earnings will not be enough, I’ve created this fundraiser in an attempt to finally ask for the help that we truly need. 

The set goal is very intimidating and it fills me with anxiety, but I will actively contributdo what I can to get us there. I may put a few of my most precious possessions up for auction/sale. None of those things matter in the sobering face of our situation

I am working with a few wonderful artists to create a pretty cool reward ladder for donations. More information and visuals will be provided in the coming days, but in the meanwhile, we would be truly grateful if you can reblog, share or donate to our fundraiser< span>. 

Fundraiser: Help Kris Live Without Pain on GoFundMe

For Paypal: Please visit:

Thank you so much for reading. 

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May 31 2014

8 Accounts of Black People Being Used As Guinea Pigs




Gynecology Invented Through The Torture of Black Women

In the 19th century, the father of modern gynecology, J. Marion Sims, conducted his research experiments on enslaved Black women. Sims performed the invasive and torturous procedures without anesthesia. J. Marion Sims’ justification for choosing not to anesthetize his test subjects was that he did not believe Black women felt pain at all. In an 1857 lecture, he stated that it was “not painful enough to justify the trouble”.

The Tuskegee Experiment

The Tuskegee Institute and the Public Health Service began a study of the natural progression of syphilis involving 600 Black men (399 with syphilis, 201 uninfected) in 1932. The infected men involved in the study were never made aware of their condition upon diagnosis and believed they were being treated for “bad blood”. In exchange for their participation, the men received free medical examinations and burial insurance. They were never treated for the disease. These trials went on until 1972 when the study was exposed by The Associated Press. The remaining victims and their family members won a $10,000,000 reparations settlement which guaranteed them lifetime health coverage and burial insurance.

The Pellagra Incident
Pellagra is an ailment commonly caused by a lack of niacin (vitamin B-13) in the human diet. The symptoms include skin lesions, sunlight sensitivity, dementia and ends in death. At the turn of the twentieth century, millions of people in the United States died from this disease. Scientists claimed that the cause of the disease was a toxin found in corn. In 1915, the U.S. Surgeon General ordered government funded experiments on Black prisoners afflicted with pellagra. Poor diet and niacin deficiency was found to be the cause. However, these life-saving findings were not released to the public until 1935 because the majority of Pellagra-induced deat hs affected Black communities.

The Ebb Cade Experiment

In 1945, African-American Ebb Cade, a 53-year-old truck driver, was secretly injected with plutonium, the substance used to make nuclear bombs. After breaking several of his bones in automotible accident, he was rushed to the emergency room. Unbeknownst to Ebb Cade, he was in the care of doctors that were also U.S. Atomic Agency employees. For six months, he was held in the hospital under the belief that they were treating his injuries. During that time, he was injected with more than 40 times the amount of plutonium an average person is ex posed to in a lifetime. The doctors and researchers collected bone samples and extracted 15 teeth to monitor the effects of his exposure. Ebb Cade grew suspicious of his broken-bone treatments and escaped from the hospital. Unfortunately, Cade suffered from the brutal effects of intense radiation until he died from heart failure eight years later at the age of 61.

Weaponized Mosquito Experiment

In the early 1950′s, the United States government conducted an experiment to see if mosquitoes could be weaponized. The CIA and the U.S. military released nearly a half million mosquitoes carrying  yellow fever and dengue fever viruses into several Black communities in Florida. In the predominantly Black community of Avon Park, dozens of Black people became ill, eight dying as a result of this government-issued mosquito attack.

Infants Injected With Test Drugs In Los Angeles

In June 1990, more than 1500 six-month old Black and Hispanic babies in Los Angeles were given what seemed to be a standard measles vaccination. The parents were not told that this particular vaccine, Edmonston Zagreb measles vaccine (EZ), was still in its research phase and not approved by the FDA. The EZ vaccine already had a reputation in Seneg al, Guinea Bissau and Haiti, triggering an increased death rate among infant girls, most not living past the age of two. The Center for Disease Control would later confess that the infants were injected with an experimental vaccination without their parent’s knowledge. Presently, it is believed that many of these families are still unaware that their babies were used as guinea pigs.

The Toxic Sludge Experiment of Baltimore and St. Louis

In the year 2000, Federally funded researchers from John Hopkins University, the EPA, HUD, The Kennedy Krieger Institute and Department of Agricul ture spread sludge from a sewage treatment plant on the lawns of nine low-income families, and a vacant lot in Baltimore and East St. Louis.  The families and residents were told the sludge was safe and not informed about the toxic mixture of human and industrial waste the sludge contained. The research was conducted to see if the toxic waste absorbed into the water supply could effectively reduce lead levels in children.

Children Forcibly Vaccinated in Chad

In December 2012, at least 500 children in Gouro, Chad were forcibly given the MenAfriVac during school resulting in dangerous side effects includin g convulsions, and paralysis. Parents were not notified of any plans to vaccination their children at school and parental consent was never requested. The forced vaccinations were part of an aggressive healthcare initiative sponsored by several internationally revered organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

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check the dates 1990, 2000, 2012

not 1847

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May 30 2014



I’m begging you please share this! My cousin is 15 and has been missing for almost 2 weeks.

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May 30 2014




Just last month June 29th 2013, Gabriella Calhoun would be beaten unconscious by police. Gabby is an honor student at Wiley College. She finished high school a year early and went to college a ye ar before the rest of her cohort. After a party on a nice summer night Gabriella decided to head to Denny’s with Friends to get something to eat. While sitting at her table inside Denny’s a fight broke out outside between two girls who were unrelated to her party.

The police were called, Gabriella’s table had just ordered their drinks. The officers arrived and broke up the fight. They ended up macing one of the girls fighting. They then allowed the girls to go inside Denny’s to “Clean themselves up” meanwhile the officers entered Denny’s and asked a person (Black Male) from Gabriella’s party did they have anything to do with it. He told the officers “No we were not involved”. The officers went back outside, then the two girls who were allowed to “Clean themselves up” saw each other inside Denny’s and began fighting again…

Officers r ushed back inside Denny’s to break up the fight again, after dismantling the girls fighting they then approached the same person from Gabriella’s Party (Black Male) and commanded him to come outside. 
Gabriella shocked and outraged at what was going on follows her friend outside and grabs his side…

From behind an officer grabs Gabriella by her neck and arm. Gabriella shocked and scared reacted by trying to pull away because she could not see who was grabbing her. According to witnesses after attempting to pull away Gabriella was then struck by the officer with a nightstick and knocked unconscious. 

After regaining consciousness Gabby stated: “I awoke spitting my teeth out on the ground…. When I came to, the officer begin to choke me again. When I was finally able to talk, I asked the officer to please let me go because I have asthma, but she [the officer], said, ‘I don’t care if yo u have asthma. You were hitting my officer.’”

“Afterward, the officer kept saying over and over again, ‘how was your party’ as she held my face to the ground.”

The officer (female cop) then lifted the petite honor student off of the ground, at which her breasts were exposed because the tube top shirt she was wearing had rolled down…

Gabriella was then sent to the precinct where she was booked on one charge of felony aggravated battery and two misdemeanors for resisting arrest.”

Just wanted to spread awareness on the situation the incident happened in Bloomington, IL it is said that Jesse Jackson is now in the process of seeking justice for the case. One of the main contributors to this information was writer Yolanda Spivey. 

Post made by @Solar_InnerG

“Woop-Woop, Dat’s the sound of da police
Woop-Woop, Dat’s the sound of da beast…
….There could never really be justice on stolen land” ~~KRS ONE


Do you see this fucking shit though. One party fighting. The police seek out a totally unrelated party with a Black man to somehow draw him into a mess he had absolutely nothing to do with. A Black woman tries to protect him from being forced into trouble and the shit is beaten out of her by (most likely but I don’t know) a White woman cop. It’s a fucking racist ass train wreck.

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May 30 2014
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Hey everyone can you please stop one moment, and read. this is my brother Charles Watts and he was shot and killed this past saturday (may24th) he was killed for no reason and because he was friends with someone else and they did wrong, which is so sad. he was a caring, loyal, and funny all around great man. he left behind is mother and children, and I want to help his daughter (my niece) raise money to pay for his funeral . so if ANYONE could donate i would be so helpful even if it’s $1-$100 we will still be grateful, tha nk you all and godbless the link is here -»

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May 29 2014
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School Girls Get a Lesson in Sex Ed
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australia, 46
canada, 54.
india, 103.

what the fuck dude.

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This is like to catch a predator, but like gone super saiyan

Yes Lord.

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May 29 2014
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So after being raped in Houston, I’ve gotten away to California.

It has come to my attention that I am almost certainly pregnant as a result of the rape.

I need to get an abortion. Medical fees will be about $500, I think, total. I don’t know how to explain how much I need this help. I almost attempted suicide when I figured i t out but Alastair has been there to keep me up so I’m as okay as I can be at the moment. If you can donate to help with the medical things, the button for donations is on my blog. Thank you.

I haven’t been able to talk to you all much lately as a result of all this. I fucking miss y’all and I want to be here again. Everything is just really difficult for me lately.


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May 28 2014



By now I hope at least some of you have heard of Javier Payne, a 14-year-old black boy from the Bronx who was attacked by the NYPD last weekend as he was walking home from a hookah shop in his neighborhood.

Cops said h e was fighting with another boy, a 13-year-old neighbor in the area. 

So what do you do when two boys are fighting? 

Well, if you’re the NYPD, and the boys in question are black, you throw one of them through a window, puncturing his lung. As he lies there with blood filling his lungs, you handcuff him and refuse to call an ambulance. When you do call an ambulance, you enter the protocol for an adult drunk, instead of a dying child. When the ambulance comes, you refuse to let the paramedics uncuff him. Even as the paramedics explain that this boy is dying, you argue that he’s faking it and that he deserves to die there on the street for fighting with another boy.  When you finally do let the paramedics uncuff him and take him to the hospital, you fail to report that you threw him through a glass window despite dozens of eye-witnesses reporting the opposite.  When you are called upon by the community to account for your actions, you decide to do an “internal investigation” - therefore being accountable to no one outside your division. You encourage the deregulation of police conduct and refuse to let outsiders investigate how you train your officers.

And what do you do, if you’re a concerned citizen who is tired of seeing this? You write Bill de Blasio and you ask him to start an outside investigation into police brutality.  Or at least that’s what I did. And if you want to cosign what I wrote him, you can do that here. And if you want to signal boost that for Javier Payne, you can do that too. You can sign my petition lett er here.

(Photo Credit to Enid Alvarez for the New York Daily News)


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May 27 2014




Why aren’t you all reblogging this?? This is a child’s life on the line

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May 26 2014



One of my close friends named Brent (pictured above, he’s the one with short black hair and glasses) is in an extremely dangerous situation. 

To give you a little background information, Brent’s a transgender individual living with two extremely conservative parents who show zero respect for Brent’s gender identity, preferred pronouns and name, and little sympathy for his overall well-being. We met this fall at Bowling Green State University, and I became one of his close friends over the year. This year has been huge in terms of him coming out as trans and developing confidence in his gender expression. He’s made so much progress a nd I’m incredibly proud of him, but he’s had major fallbacks in terms of his relationship with his parents. They stopped paying for his schooling for a period of time (which nearly caused him to leave school), have put him through a disgusting amount of emotional abuse because of a past sexual identity and his current gender expression. They don’t believe in gender expression or identity other than the one assigned at birth, and refuse to acknowledge that it’s something that Brent’s been dealing with throughout his entire life. They thoroughly believe being Trans* is a choice, and this is something he has been persuaded to do.  

They believe that the individuals he has befriended at Bowling Green State University have caused this change, and they don’t understand the support he’s received. They don’t believe someone who identifies as trans* can lead a successful life and that this “behavior” shouldn’t be &ldq uo;encouraged”. Because of this, they’re forcing Brent to transfer to another nearby University (University of Toledo) and commute every day, which would be extremely hazardous to Brent’s mental well-being.    

Brent would be completely cut off from those who support him the most, including myself, his girlfriend, and his sports team, and would be completely and utterly at the whim of his parents. His parents have tried seeking therapists to “fix” this issue, and force Brent to present in a way in which goes against his preferred gender expression. 

Understandably, this takes a huge toll on Brent’s mental health. He has already begun falling into a depression because of his current situation, and is a risk to himself in terms of self harm and suicidal thoughts. 

This is our final hope for keeping Brent at Bowling Green State University where he has an overwhelming support system, and is in a &nb sp;lgbtq+ positive environment. Brent’s girlfriend and myself have set up a indiegogo fundraiser in which we are attempting to raise enough money to pay for this upcoming school year. 

Our goal is roughly $10,000, and literally any possible donation can help Brent continue his college education at the university he’s currently attending. 

If you can’t donate money, which is completely understandable, PLEASE HELP BY REBLOGGING THIS POST. The more we can spread this post around the better and it’s just as important as any donations made. 

I know this post is extremely long, but one of my best friend’s mental sanity is on the line and it’s so important to me that we at least try to raise a little money to help him. This is our last hope and I know I’ve seen tumblr do so many wonderful things. 

Here’s the link where you can donate

Thank you so so much, and please signal boost. 

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May 26 2014